The Me Too project seeks to create a world where people are willing and able to speak freely and feel safe and heard when talking about mental health. My intention is to give a very human face and a story to the discussion about mental health. It is hoped that this will help to open up a healthy dialogue about mental health in modern day society.

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Since his late twenties, Guy has experienced cycles of depression and anxiety. "Just get one thing done, it doesn't have to be something major... when you've got it done, there's that little bit of a high that leads you into the next day”

Alison is in her sixties and has been suffering with depression on and off for all of her adult life. "Try to be kind to yourself. Talk to people... There is a way out and I think people must cling onto that. There is a way out."
Setting effective and manageable goals is essential to any of us who want to make progress, whether or not we are experiencing mental ill health. Barbara Klosik is an Occupational Therapist whose work focuses largely in the area of mental health.
Erica Redding has worked in the mental health field for 10 years. She shares with us some of her experiences and her suggestions for moving forward.

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