Me Too Project - The Vision

The vision behind the Me Too Project was to tackle the taboos around mental health. My own struggles over the years with depression birthed this very personal project, in the hopes that this body of work would both be cathartic for me and for the countless other who also feel like they have been suffering in silence.

One of the major issues in this arena is the lack of honesty and transparency around these conversations. Many people shy away from honest dialogue about mental health, which only serves to isolate those experiencing difficulties and exacerbate their issues. My hope - and my experience thus far - is that honesty is met with honesty.

Through my work, I am routinely reminded that people love people. By capturing authentic reflections on people's most vulnerable moments and their faces on camera, these snapshots serve as windows into the souls of those who courageously share their story with me.

My intention was to put a human face to the problem, that could make it relatable and bring the message home for the audience. Not only that, but by showing many faces, I may start to convey the extent of the problem.