The Many Faces of Mental Health - Marvin

The Many Faces of Mental Health - Marvin Reid

"For me, the key thing that we need to be able to do to take more ownership of our anxiety or OCD - or whatever mental health difficulty it is for us - is to not do the particular behaviour that our brain is screaming out for us to do. Instead we should do something creative, something positive, even when we don't feel like doing it.

It is about really resisting, whether that be seeking reassurance, whether it be researching a problem, we stop ourselves from doing that and we sit with the anxiety. We have to sit with discomfort, there's no other way. Actually, anxiety starts to lose its grip on us the more that we can sit with our discomfort."

Marvin Reid is a senior occupational therapist, resilience and mindfulness trainer and founder of Chill Winston UK, where one of his major driving motives is to tackle the stigma on mental health, especially with respect to men. Male suicide is the single biggest cause of death for men under 45.