The Many Faces of Mental Health - Jon

Jon Waterlow

"I once heard someone explain self-harm as trying to ‘cut the pain out’, which I understood completely. It’s driven by a complex mixture of believing you deserve to feel the pain and the fact there’s something more reassuringly ‘real’ about physical pain; it's more tangible, more graspable than the mental agony. Why would I want to be bleeding from my head by bashing it off a wall? Because I already am bleeding inside, but no one can see, and it hurts less to hurt physically."


"Where does depression end and ‘normal’ worry and anxiety begin? Maybe that’s not an answerable question. I’m just going to keep working towards the things which make me feel good and away from the things which make me feel bad. The question remains: Why? Well, because I feel like it. Because being weird, silly and kind feels amazing. So that’s what I’m going to be."

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Voices in the Dark

"At Voices in the Dark we have 3 guiding principles. Be silly, be kind, be weird.

We explore what it means to be human by getting to better understand ourselves and other people. We talk about philosophy, psychology, history and much more. We're in the business of sharing stories, ideas and curiosity."