The Many Faces of Mental Health - Alison

The Many Faces of Mental Health - Alison Cresswell

"I think time just made a difference. When you have got through it once – and it is like a dark abyss – and you know sometimes you are teetering on the edge, you make a conscious decision not to go over the edge. You can do that by quietly telling yourself that it is survivable and that you will get better. And gradually, you do.

I think it is very difficult for someone who hasn't experienced mental illness to imagine what it is like. It is like a deep dark hole that you are dropping into and you feel that there is no way out. You have a negative slant in everything in your life. It is very frightening, very frightening indeed. It is the most terrifying that that can ever happen to you.

It sounds so self indulgent to say be kind to yourself as well, but not push yourself too hard. Try and be aware of even small movements in the right direction because it is so much better than movements in the wrong direction. The suffering that depression engenders in you does make you more aware of other people and their feelings."