My Favourite Images of 2018

2018 was a year full of adventure, tests and immense personal growth…

For a while there, photography was not my main focus, but I have a new breath of life with the art form and am once again creating and documenting much more prolifically.

The year was characterised by slow travel and a lot of inner work. 2019 is already much more about being more of a ‘nomad’ and I am super excited to share my journey here.

As we move into 2019, I have rounded up a few of my favourite snapshots from the previous 365 days.

Sunrise Over the Chinese Village Viewpoint - Pai, Thailand

The Chinese Village sits atop one of Pai’s tallest hills and provides a breathtaking viewpoint from which to see the small farming town, nestled in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Fishes Swim Amongst Underwater Statues - Gili Meno, Indonesia

This Beautiful underwater sculpture was created by Jason deCaires Taylor - a well-known underwater sculptor - depicts a ring of 48 life-size figures. The intention is that this will slowly become living as it is covered in coral.

Young Boy Plays on a Paddleboard - Gili Air, Indonesia

I met this young boy on the island of Gili Air, off Lombok, where he and a few his friends were having fun in the water. We shared a playful moment and I took a few snaps - he absolutely loved the attention!

Golden Hour at Sunset Hill - Prague, Czech Republic

Locals and tourists alike head to this spot in one of Prague’s parks to catch the sunset over the historic city. In the distance, you can see the sun disappearing behind Prague Castle.

Light at the end of the Tunnel - Prague, Czech Republic

Daylight is visible at the end of the long pedestrian tunnel under Prague’s hill Vitkov which unites the districts of Zizkov and Karlin.

Seated Twist - Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Yoga teacher Corinne of Curiously Calm soaks up some well deserved English sun in a seated twist.

Floating in Paradise - Surat Thani, Thailand

A bottle floats in front of a traditional Thai fishing boat by Donsak Pier. This photo was a taken at a pivotal moment for me - it was then that I decided to document the plastic problem in Thailand and elsewhere as I travel. Check out my previous post about that here.

Plastic Waste Floating in the Gulf of Thailand - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Huge amounts of plastic waste pollute the shoreline on Koh Phangan in Southern Thailand. Sickeningly, this sight is not an alien one in Thailand or in so many other places across the globe.


Sunset Yoga - Pai, Thailand

Yoga teacher Hannah Kate takes a full lotus headstand on the bamboo bridge at dusk in Pai, Northern Thailand.

A Stray Cat Sits in one of the Medina’s Narrow Streets - Essaouira, Morocco

The town of Essaouira in Morocco has a huge stray cat population - reportedly as many as 3,000.

Walking Through the Sunlight - Essaouira, Morocco

An elderly man, wearing traditional Moroccan robes walks through a warming patch of sunlight in one of the medina’s narrow, car-free alleys.