About me...

I am a British-born website designer and photographer. My ultimate calling in life is to spread messages the world needs to hear, whether through imagery, websites, or a combination of the two. Together a good message and polished delivery have the capacity to change the world for the better.

I worked in the charity sector for a few years, focusing largely in Fundraising and Communications. But I was always a creative at heart and wanted to merge those skill sets together. Creative project work allows me to constantly evolve and challenge myself.

I am self taught in both web design and photography, and constantly looking to deepen my knowledge and weave in other disciplines and perspectives.

I am an adventurer, a life-long learner, hippie at heart, and lover of life and the extraordinary magic it has to offer. I can most likely be found setting up my nomadic office far from London, hunting down the best local vegan food, or creating art through any medium I can get my hands on.

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What my Clients say...

Scott Riley - Causeway Living

"Working with Fran gave me some of the building blocks that were used to build my whole company. I feel very fortunate to have met her right from my business' get-go. I didn't really have any reservations about this - I love working with Fran. She's got a great vibe, the right mix of professional and direct without feeling too intense. Other than enjoying the process, the results are second to none.

The best result I had from working with Fran was being able to create an online presence almost instantly."

Scott, Causeway Living

Corinne McGrail - Curiously Calm

"I didn't know Fran beforehand but I really liked the examples of her previous work, especially her scenic shots of yoga out and about in natural environments. 

I have very much enjoyed the process of working with Fran. It is unusual to find a photographer who is also a yogi and knows what poses work well in a scene. When doing the photo shoot she was able to think ahead to what the website would need and was honest about what worked well and what didn't.

Fran is very creative and through her photos she is able to bring out the best in the environment as well as the yogi. However she doesn't lose sight of the business needs of the website striking a nice balance between these aspects. Very happy with the result!"

Corinne, Curiously Calm

Anni Jakenfelds - Integrative Healing Process

"If you are looking to find a photographer for your health/fitness/wellness business then look no further.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to seeing my face in photos but Fran helped me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. No small achievement I can assure you! But having her to work with meant I could build my brand in line with me and my personal style of teaching

I hope you get in touch with her and find out just how she can help you”

Anni Jakenfelds, Integrative Healing Process

Marvin Reid, Chill Winston Yoga

“It’s been great working with you, you’ve gone above and beyond and you’ve helped me get a better feel for my own brand. I feel you have been really interested in understanding my brand which is priceless.”

Marvin Reid, Chill Winston Yoga