This is a home for my thoughts on lifestyle design, staying productive on the road, and a photo diary of the wonderful places I find myself in. I hope that this modest blog can give someone out there the courage to design joy into their own lifestyle.

Once upon a time, the concept of living a location independent life seemed completely alien to me. The first time I spoke at length with a digital nomad, I cannot say I felt at all compelled to embark on a similar journey of my own.

Fast forward four years and I couldn’t imagine living my life in any other way. You see, eventually it dawned on me: I didn’t have to live this guy’s digital nomad life, this was all about lifestyle design and I got to choose exactly what that meant for me.

I’m Fran, I am originally from the UK, but I’ve spent the over two years with no fixed abode - first travelling solo and now with my fiancé. And I’ve never been happier!